First Things First: Apply For A New Account

Our account setup process ensures that we have your facility and billing information accurately the first time. From there on, your orders will go through smoothly and your produce will arrive fresh.

How To Apply for a New Account

  1. Fill out our Service Agreement form (either download our PDF and fax/mail to us, or fill out the form online here).
  2. One of our representatives will then contact you to finalize your account and setup your online profile.


Ordering Fresh Is Easy

Once your application has been approved, you can call us at 813-237-4350 and we’ll take your order. While you have us on the phone, feel free to ask us any question!

You may also order conveniently online right here.
(You will need your account username and password to order online. If you don’t have one or need any help logging in, just call us at 813-237-4350.)



Getting Ready To Deliver

Before your produce leaves our facility, we perform a detailed inspection to ensure everything is accurate.

However, you should also check your order when receiving it to make sure that everything is exactly the way you wanted it.

Inspecting Your Order

We recommend inspecting your order on three different criteria:

You have received the exact products you ordered.
Your order arrived in the right quantities, no more, no less.
Your produce should be nothing less than fresh.

Once you receive your order, if you have any questions or concerns, call us right away. At Yankee, we make things right each and every time.

“Fresh” Means Swift Delivery

We can get your orders delivered as soon as the following day. Our drivers are out and about from the crack of dawn, so feel free to be very specific as to when you need everything at your kitchen.

(And if you need anything sooner (we know emergencies happen!), call us and let’s see what we can work out.)

Our Quality Guarantee

Our deliveries come with a freshness guarantee of up to 4 days after the moment you receive them. We only assume your products are properly stored and handled by you and your staff.

If your order is not fresh or something seems out of place, reach out to us immediately and we’ll make it right.

Start an account now.

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