Built On Integrity From The Ground Up

Founded in 2001, Yankee Produce has been growing consistently to serve Tampa Bay Area’s restaurants, hotels, and kitchens.

Our core belief is that food service businesses deserve access to the highest quality products, and should have access to a reliable service where order arrive on time to avoid unnecessary storage or food waste.

Yankee’s Cutting-Edge Facility

Our 7,100 sq ft facility features a 2,400 sq ft refrigerated storage/loading area. This allows us to service clients who demand the highest quality levels rigorously.

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Experience From All Sides Of A Successful Kitchen

Our President, Bill Savickas, has had an extensive track record in supplying the freshest ingredients to the most demanding restaurants, hotels, grocery facilities, and kitchens in the USA.

His career was built on the foundation of restaurant management, which has allowed him to understand the care and quality needed to serve customers the best products available.

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